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    Student 22+

Who Are We?

Unlike room rental marketplace which has many owner listing their room, every owner has different rules and non-transparency clues might cause future conflict. We noticed tenant facing such uncertainty toward their future landlord, Abilik will be your landload for your rental services with transparency and consistency
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  • I and my friends decided to take 4 rooms for each person due to the room are near to our college in johor bahru


    When comes to looking room for couple, Espacially for certain races, Lots of owner rejected us until we found


    Kami telah mencari bilik sewa di johor bahru di website tapi banyak owner tak responsive, nasib baik kita dapat tau Kami telah mencari bilik sewa di johor bahru di website tapi banyak owner tak responsive,

    Siti Hajar

    They give me the best service. Not slowly forcing me to choose the expensive one but the best way to reach the campus. Excellent.


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Looking for trustworthy room rental platform to rent a room in johor 
bahru, abilik will provide you a room 
move in within 24 hours instead of 
months searching in market
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