About us

Do you know what we hate the most? Wasting time! It usually takes up to 4 months for a person to find a room. Those for months could be used for a good cause and yet you choose to waste it on finding room. What a waste! And that is the solid reason why we are here! Abilik.my exists because we understand. We understand the lengthy process to find a room here in Johor Bahru. We understand how hard it is to find a tenant to an empty room. Thus, we are here to help.

The Works

How do we make it simpler and easier? Because it does not matter if you are the tenant or the room owner, all you need to do is to follow these 4 steps and the jobs is done!

For the owner:

1. Register and submit your property details online at (put your website address here)

2. Abilik.my will reach you within 7 days

3. Property visit and seal the rental rate

4. You could just sit back and wait for the good news from us!

For the tenant:

1. You register online

2. You will be invited for room tour

3. Sign agreement and security deposit

4. You will receive the key within 24 hours

It is important for us to ensure only high quality job is delivered to our client as customers’ satisfaction is our main purpose. As for the benefit of the owner as well as for the harmony of the tenants, all potential tenant will be screened on the first hand and only qualified person that could meet our criteria would be approved. We ensure only two people are allowed in each room for the comfort and pet is strictly prohibited.

The Founding

Our story begins when our CEO, Danial Teh, went through difficulties and lost an amount of money letting go his property. Frustrated by the situation, he then shifted to rent out the unit. He was then surprised by the high demand in this market. Through his tenant and research, Danial Teh learnt that many tenant has to go through many frustration event finding rooms from various owner. Not wanting the others to go through the same again, he then decided to create a platform where he could help to make the process easier and that is when Abilik.my was born.

The Growth

For the past seven years, Abilik.my has managed to help thousands of tenants to find the perfect room under the perfect owner in Johor Bahru. From only three rooms, we accomplished to handle more than 300 rooms today. And now we want to aim higher. We want more empty rooms in Johor Bahru to be occupied because we believe Johor Bahru has a lot to offer than meet the eyes. In order to achieve that, there are three core values that must be in our team:

  • Fast
  • Our team is structured by only energetic members that keep on moving forwards. We work at a very dramatic pace and we cannot afford to lose any minute. Our promise is to be responsive to our client including during the hard time when they need our support to report any property damage.

  • Consistent
  • We condone fair and consistent treatment to our entire customer. Double standard is unthinkable in our company’s philosophy. We ensure only a harmony affair as our culture.

  • Reliable
  • We protect our client very carefully. We want to gain their trust and feel safe under Abilik.my. We do our best on listening to every need because customers’ satisfaction is what makes us satisfied.