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Whether you've got a single family home,an apartment downtown, or a newly developed condo, allows abilik.my to deliver a steady and consistent return on your investment, hassle-free. Experience the future of full-service property management.

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Submit your property online

Submit your property online

Free rental estimate with one of our friendly agent

Free rental estimate with one of our friendly agent

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Relax and enjoy your investment return

Relax and enjoy your investment return

  • We find tenent & manage your room rental for free while you sit back and enjoy rental income coming each month
  • Fix date bank in rental income into your preferral bank account every month
  • We bear all marketing, operating cost and repairing cost for FREE! Yes it's Free(for limited number of owner only)
1-stop Property Management
Value Added Services
  • Renting out rooms to student, workers increase overall property rental income which means when you plan to sell your property one day in future, you can ask for more then what market value is.
  • Time is money, you may need more time focusing on your most important task in you live, it could be your career, family, friendship, study or others. you can choose to free up your time.
  • We only accept tenant with stable income to minimize default rental payment on every month.
  • Only allow up to 2 person in a room to control the quality of tenant stay.
  • No pet will be allowed in property
Verified Tenants

Owners FAQs

  • How is the process of renting my property to abilik ?

    1) Key in your property full address with your contact number. 2) Within a week you will receive a call from one of our team member to schedule an appointment with you. 3) We will send you an offer after discussion with the team. 4) Sign agreement & Handover key. 5) Sit back and enjoy fix rental coming in every month.

  • Why i haven't receive your call after a week ?

    There are 2 possibilities we would not contact you: 1) Currently we have enough property in your area. 2) You have submited multiple time your property to us, our system will automatically treat it as spamming and we will not be able to see your submissions. (try to submit again after 1 week)

  • Can i just lease my property to abilik for only 1 year?

    the answer is yes, contract period are 1 year usually, 30 days before expiry of contract we will notify you whether we will continue renting your property. Most of the time we will base on the area tenant demanding trend & how easy we can work together with owner and decide extend or decline the contract tenure.

  • How doest abilik ensure rental payment will be on time every month ?

    Our rental collection specialist team will going after for those who are unable to pay rent on time, In case they really doesn’t have money to make full settlement, we will serve them 24 hour notice to move out without deposit refund, owner will still get their rental income from their deposit. We strongly believe if we want to taken care of huge number of tenant, be consistent & strictly enforce rules are the only way to organize them.

  • I'm not staying in Malaysia, Can you bank in the rental every month instead of issue me a cheques ?

    Yes of cause.

  • Can i visit my own property if i wanted to ?

    Of cause you can but we don’t encourage you to do that. Giving tenant more privacy so they can have comfortable stay during their lease with a hope they will renew every end of their lease.

  • What if illegal activities going on in my property ?

    In our agreement with Tenant are clearly stated no illegal activities are allow in the premises. If things happen, We will serve them 24 hours to leave immediately without deposit refund.

  • What if i sell my property during the lease ?

    We have total right to choose whether to continue the lease if you happen to sell your property. Let's say you have 3 year lease with abilik and you sell your property to new owner 1st year of the tenancy. The Tenancy agreement will follow the address of the property not the owner of the property.

  • Do i need to do anything after rent out my property to abilik ?

    Basically you're hands free during the lease. The only things you need to do is to pay your Management fee(if any), Indah water, Assessment feee, Quit Rent, Fire Insurance(if any), and Housing loan Installment(if any).

  • I Have Rooms Renting Out To Tenant, Can I Hand Over My Property To Abilik ?

    Yes Of Cause, We would more then happy to help you to take over your worries.

  • How abilik Get Profit If Manage My Property For Free ?

    It’s Free, no hidden charges. We will mark up the rental and profit from there.

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Just renew my lease for another 3 year with abilik. i have manay other inportant task need me to be there then managing my own property, If you ever handle a tenant before you will know the pain i suffered. not worth my time for extra little bit rental income. just my 2 sence.